Burrito from FreshMex in top 100 most ordered meals in the world on Deliveroo

A burrito from FreshMex in Aberdeen has joined distinguished company in the top 100 most ordered dishes in the world on Deliveroo.

The fresh, fully customisable meal of choice finished up in 70th position, above restaurants from Paris, London, Hong Kong & Singapore.

The findings come after the delivery service looked back on the food highlights of 2019 to reveal the most popular dishes around the world.


With the list comprising over 500 cities across the world, FreshMex joins the likes of a Sushi Burrito in Amsterdam, Quesadillas in Madrid and Black Milk Tea from Singapore.

According to Deliveroo, who took a closer look at the world’s eating habits, the top 100 list reveals some fun foodie ordering trends over the course of 2019.

With orders of healthy options increasing by 51% this year it’s no surprise dishes like the Kale Salad from Hong Kong’s KALE or the Chicken Milanese from Simple Health Kitchen in London have made it into the top 100.

Crazy for chicken
Whether fried, grilled or rolled into a burrito, it’s clear that people love chicken with poultry-based dishes filling a fifth of all the spots on this year’s Deliveroo 100. Favourites include Chicken Rice from Boon Tong Kee, Singapore, Grilled Boneless Chicken from Dubai’s Al Mandaloun and the 9 Hotwings Boxmeal from Eindhoven’s KFC.


The FreshMex Burrito also came in at number 9 in the UK and retained the most popular dish sold in Scotland in 2019 after picking up the title in 2018.


Alex Laverock, FreshMex Manager at our Deliveroo kitchen in the Adams sports bar on Holburn Street, said:

“Reaching number 1 in Scotland again is amazing, but 70th in the global Deliveroo dishes is beyond anything we expected – it’s an incredible achievement. The team have been a joy to work with, they’re a passionate hardworking bunch and I couldn’t be any prouder. Knowing how much our Aberdeen customers love FreshMex really helps fuel us to continue doing what we do, which is of course making that great fresh food you all enjoy!”


For the full list of Deliveroo’s 100 most popular dishes ordered around the world in 2019, see below:

1 Poké Signature Super Protéiné from Pokawa, Paris
2 Cheeseburger from Five Guys, London
3 Burrito Pollo from Gonzalez & Co, Barcelona
4 Salmon Pokè from Pokèria by NIMA, Milano

5 Footlong Sub from Subway, Dublin
6 Tommy the Chook from Boss Burger Co, Geelong
7 米線+一餸 from 譚仔雲南米線 Tam’s Shop, Hong Kong
8 Shack Burger from Shake Shack, Dubai

9 Big Giant Menu from Quick, Liege
10 Sushi Burrito from Sushito, Amsterdam
11 Build Your Own Bowl, from The Daily Cut, Singapore
12 Chicken Rice with Side Dish from 梁鑫雞肉飯LiangXing Chicken Rice, Taipei

13 2 Hot wings® from KFC, Brighton
14 Best Mountain from Greg & Jerry’s, Grenoble
15 Kale Salad from KALE, Hong Kong
16 Quesadillas from Lateral, Madrid

17 Old School (Single) اولد سكوول from Griddle Restaurant Company, Kuwait
18 Yummy Berry Acai from The Acai Spot, Dubai
19 The O.G. from Fishbowl, Sydney
20 Crea il tuo pokè from Makito Casteddu, Cagliari

21 Cheeseburger from Five Guys, Dublin
22 9 Hotwings Boxmeal from KFC, Eindhoven
23 Honey Lemon Big Cup from 大苑子 (台北通化店) DaYung’s, Taipei
24 McMenu® Big Mac from McDonald’s, Leuven

25 Crea tu Poké Grande from The Hip Fish, Barcelona
26 Sushi Lovers Poke from CALI-POKE, Dubai
27 VIOS Regular Bowl from VIOS by Blu Kouzina, Singapore
28 Mad Dog Pizza from Mod Pizza, Nottingham

29 Sushi roll di salmone e avocado from Basara, Milano
30 Menu classicpaille from La Ripaille Burger, Nantes
31 Lard Bibimbap 原味 from 好吃食堂 Delicious Canteen,Taipei
32 Chicken Katsu شرائح الدجاج المقرمش from Meme’s Curry, Kuwait

33 Regina Pizza from Assaje, Milano
34 Buffalotta Pizza from La Taverna, Milano
35 Groene Curry from Bird Thais Restaurant, Amsterdam
36 Ono Poke Bowl from Poke & Co, Dubai

37 Grilled Chicken Burrito from Tortilla, Brighton
38 Grilled Harrisa Chicken from Farmer J, London
39 Aloha from Poki Poké, Brussels
40 Charsiew Noodles from Hawker Chan, Melbourne

41 Bacon Pizza from Lopez y Lopez, Madrid
42 ComfyDay Soup 花膠蟲草花螺頭燉湯 from Soupday, Hong Kong
43 Black Milk Tea from Gong Cha, Singapore
44 Plateau trendy from Sushi Parisien, Paris

45 Cod and Chips from Harbourside Fish & Chips, Plymouth
46 Aloha Way from Ohana Poké Sushi, Den Haag
47 Burrito from Guzman Y Gomez, Wollongong
48 Green Curry from Fuchsia Urban Thai, Dubai

49 Burrito Poulet from Chipotle, Paris
50 Caja Capricho Dulce from Manolo Bakes, Madrid
51 Bacon Burger from The Huggy’s Bar – Kitchen, Liege
52 車仔麵 (1麵3餸起) from Yummy Cart Noodles 任你點車仔麵, Hong Kong

53 Roll salmao com camarão – 8 pezzi from Temakinho, Milano
54 Les fernandines from Big Fernand, Paris
55 Avocado Chick Bowl from Fitchen Vlaanderenstraat, Ghent
56 Bronx New York Burger from Miguel Ángel, Madrid

57 Seafood Hotpot from 麗媽香香鍋 Lima Personal Hot Pot, Taipei
58 Salmon Style from Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Antwerp
59 Chicken Burrito from Mission Burrito, Bristol
60 Sunny Salmon from Poke House, Milano

61 Little L Combo from Little L Chicken and Burgers, Sydney
62 Grilled Boneless Chicken from Al Mandaloun, Dubai
63 DIY Kaisen Don (medium) from Teppei Syokudo, Singapore
64 Burrito from Barburrito, Nottingham

65 Gyros from Meat & Greek, Amsterdam
66 Beef Hor Fan from Rasa Rasa, Singapore
67 McMenu McChicken from McDonald’s, Bergamo
68 Cabra from Timesburg, Barcelona

69 Blue burger from Mr & Mrs Bun, Strasbourg
70 Burrito from FreshMex, Aberdeen
71 Build Your Own Acai Bowl from Acai and the Tribe, Dubai
72 Tu Bowl en 4 pasos from Aloha Poké, Madrid

73 Classique Burger from Les Super Filles du Tram, Brussels
74 Sushi Rice Bowl from POKÉWORLD, Hong Kong
75 Sweet and Sour Pork from Ding Xiang Seafood, Singapore
76 Bibimbap Viande from Pierre Sang Express, Paris

77 Chicken Milanese from Simple Health Kitchen, London
78 St Peter’s Burger from The Meating Room, St Albans
79 Nems traditionnels x 3 from Le Kiosque, Toulouse
80 Pad Thai Box from Wok It Up!, Canberra

81 Build Your Own from Honi Poke, London
82 Chicken Dinner Meal from KFC, Dubai
83 Chicken Rice from Boon Tong Kee, Singapore
84 Volcano Burrito with Seasoned Beef from Taco Bell, Brighton

85 Whopper® Menu from Burger King, Den Haag
86 WASA-BAE from Kai | Editions, Hong Kong
87 Yangnyeom Bu-Ket from Out Fry – Chicken Kitchen, Paris
88 Little San Sushi from Maki-San, Singapore

89 Smoke Burgez from Burgez, Milano
90 Large Bowl from Ahi Poké, London
91 Triple Bacon Triple Double Burger from Smashburger, Brighton
92 Grilled Chicken Burrito from Taqado Mexican Kitchen, Dubai

93 Boeuf (Tacos) from MasterTacos, Lyon
94 Honey Tea Latte from 一手私藏世界紅茶 ITSO, Taipei
95 Chicken Katsu Curry from Wagamama, London
96 Chow Mein from Redbox Noodle Bar, Edinburgh

97 Edmond Burger from Edmond Burger, Bordeaux
98 Diavola Pizza from Solo Pizza Cafè, Milano
99 Bulgogi from Kobap, Brussels
100 Rewild Cookie Dough Vanilla Ice Cream from Oh G!, Kuwait