Introducing Lime Lager!

Fresh Mex have teamed up with award-winning North-East brewery Brew Toon to launch a FreshMex Lime Lager, an exciting new beer to pair with their award-winning food.

“Ever since we launched our street food across the North-East at events such as the Banchory Beer Festival or at our food residency in the Adams sports bar, we’ve always known our food goes hand-in-hand with a beer – literally. We wanted to create a beer that matches our need for fresh flavour, so collaborated with the brilliant team in Peterhead at Brew Toon to make a light tasting beer that is still 4.8% ABV. It pairs incredibly well with our menu, but is also great to drink on its own.”

“We’ve spent the past 9 months developing the Lime Lager with FreshMex – doing multiple test batches to get the taste spot on and we are very happy with the end result. It’s brewed with a variety of malts and fresh ingredients – including fresh lime, and left to condition until the perfect moment to ensure a smooth head and soft, refreshing finish with citrusy undertones. We’ve had great feedback on the Lime Lager so far, and are excited for the partnership ahead with FreshMex.”

Cammy Bowden, Director of Brew Toon

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