Our story so far

April 2015

FreshMex is Born!

We (Calum & Robbie) began life trading as a pop-up food stall at local Aberdeenshire farmers markets & private events in 2015.

At only 22, we saw a gap in the market for quality, FRESH, affordable TexMex street food in the UK so thought markets in our local area could be the perfect way to grow a brand & business from the ground up – with our base kitchen above Robbie’s parents’ garage!! After uni, we came up with a core menu & plan for the business & BOOM – FreshMex was born at the Banchory Farmers Market in May 2015 (after a failed first Market in Inverurie!!!)

Employees - 2

Locations - 0

Burritos Made - 200+

Awards - 0

August 2015

Banchory Beer Festival

Our first ever large-scale event with over 3,500 people in attendance & all our friends/family on hand to help out!!!

What a weekend – we sold out on each of the 3 days with huge queues for our street food & amazing feedback from the local crowds!

After the success at the BBF 2015, we pushed ourselves to get as many large events locally as possible as the FreshMex concept clearly worked!!!

Employees - 2

Locations - 0

Burritos Made - 2,500+

Awards - 0

September 2015

Aberdeen University Fresher’s Week

With word spreading, we catered the whole week on Campus in Old Aberdeen, which led to an invitation for a fixed unit after only 6 months trading!! The deal unfortunately never went through for several reasons, but it was another huge learning experience & made us rethink our catering business model to consider fixed units in unique spaces…..!

Employees - 2

Locations - 0

Burritos Made - 4,000+

Awards - 0

June 2016

Taste Of Grampian

After a couple of Highly Commended Awards in the local area, FreshMex was further recognised as being a top local food business with an invitation to the biggest food festival in Scotland – the Taste of Grampian!

With a massive snaking queue all day in the glorious sunshine & over 600 meals sold, we were blown away by the response to our TexMex street food offering & it remains one of our biggest & most enjoyable highlights to date!!

Employees - 2

Locations - 0

Burritos Made - 8,000+

Awards - 2

July 2016

Freshmex secure the Adams Lounge residency!

We went into year 2 with FRESH eyes & a determination to get our burritos to more people!! Our hard work paid off & we were offered a kitchen space in the newly refurbished Adams on Holburn Street – a popular city centre sports bar!

The family-run venue was the perfect risk-free way for us to increase our operations & brand awareness in Aberdeen, and thankfully without huge financial stress!!!

We launched 7 days a week & began finding our feet trading as a fixed location, growing our team to 10, split between the kitchen & events.

Employees - 10

Locations - 1

Burritos Made - 10,000+

Awards - 2

December 2016


With people begging for us to offer a delivery service, we teamed up with the ever-popular Deliveroo in Aberdeen in December 2016 – getting FreshMex direct to peoples homes & offices at the click of a button: GAME CHANGER!!

Employees - 10

Locations - 1 + Deliveroo

Burritos Made - 20,000+

Awards - 2

January 2017

Freshmex are growing!

We grew our FreshMex family to 14 with Deliveroo & began adding new items to our delicious core menu – fresh, homemade fries & burgers, as well as a couple of new handmade toppings!!

Employees - 12

Locations - 1 + Deliveroo

Burritos Made - 30,000+

Awards - 3

February 2017

St Machar Bar residency!

Following the success of the Adams concept, the family behind the bar offered us the chance to take on 2 further kitchens across the north-east to further grow FreshMex – one in Old Aberdeen on Aberdeen Uni campus & the other out in Ballater.

The busy St Machar Bar kitchen was launched in February 2017, with a great response from staff, students & locals around the beautiful King’s Campus – growing our brand to a new market entirely.

Employees - 14

Locations - 2 + Deliveroo

Burritos Made - 40,000+

Awards - 3

August 2017

Ballater kitchen

The temporary Ballater kitchen was opened in August 2017 during the busy tourist season! We officially got the seal of approval from the truck (bus) load of American tourists that came through the wee village over the late Summer months – and it gave us the confidence booster knowing our take on TexMex was better than some places across the pond!

With valuable experience gained, we re-focussed attention back on Aberdeen after November – and began planning for the next stage of FreshMex…..

Employees - 16

Locations - 3 + Deliveroo

Burritos Made - 60,000+

Awards - 3

May 2018

FreshMex secure first standalone unit!

We took the big step of gaining our own premises in 2018 with the 40-seater, licensed site at 55, Schoolhill being our first standalone FreshMex unit!

After much thought, we closed our small kitchen at the St Machar bar (much to the disappointment of some of our fans) to focus efforts on getting things going at the first FreshMex burrito bar!

Launched in July 2018, FreshMex @ Schoolhill serves a range of our award-winning Tex-Mex cuisine with a smile, beside some great local favourites from BrewDog & Fierce Beer & our very own FreshMex house margaritas.

It’s been our goal since day one to have a solo FreshMex location, we are so happy to share the space with our local city!

Employees - 22

Locations - 2 + Deliveroo

Burritos Made - 100,000+

Awards - 4

May 2018

Future plans….

We have ambitious plans for FreshMex beyond the North-East of Scotland with some exciting plans in the works!


It’s our long-term goal for FreshMex to be an established high-street brand across the UK.


We are loving every step of the way, & hope you our wonderful customers are too. Let the good times – and burritos – roll! #FreshMex #freshisbest

Employees - ?

Locations - ?

Burritos Made - ?

Awards - ?