What you will need

  • Juice of 1 lime

  • 1 whole egg

  • 1 x minced garlic clove

  • Approx. 250ml vegetable oil (or any neutral oil)

  • 1 x tsp Tex rub


Prep: 5 – 10 mins



1) Add lime juice, garlic, egg & vegetable oil to a tall measuring jug (should be at approx. 300ml height)

2) Place stick blender into ingredients directly over the egg and turn on

3) Slowly raise the blender and the mixture should come together and turn to mayonnaise. (10 – 20 seconds)

4) Add Tex rub, mix and season to taste!


Serving suggestion:

Serve with homemade wedges or fries!


About Tall Paul:

Paul has been obsessed with all things food (& FreshMex!) for quite some time now & shares all on his blog Tall Paul’s Food Life. A highlight was cooking for Gordon Ramsay on Culinary Genius on ITV. With a passion for eating out, local produce, and cooking anything you can think of!